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1137 W. Houser Road
Eloy, AZ 85131
Fax: 520-466-4092

Monday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Closed
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Public Works Director /
City Engineer



Public Works Superintendent
Facilities, Sanitation, Streets & Vehicles
Lance Dunagan


Public Works Office Manager
Priscilla Williamson

Water Division
Fax:  520-464-8179

Danny Baeza

Sewer Division
Fax: 520-464-8179

Danny Baeza

Sanitation Division
Fax: 520-464-1438

Jerry Calvillo

Streets Division
Fax: 520-466-4092

David Lara


Utility Charges

Water, Sewer, Garbage Fee's
Water Meter Charges
New Service Fee's
Commercial Garbage Rates
Roll-Off User Fee's

Water Division

Water Quality Report 2005

Water Quality Report 2006

Water Quality Report 2007

Water Quality Report 2008

Water Quality Report 2009

Water Quality Report 2010

Water Quality Report 2011

Water Quality Report 2012

Water Quality Report 2013

Water Service Application

Water Systems Development Standards

Revisions to Water System Development Standards

Under AIR RELEASE VALVES Page 9-30 please add: A.R.I Air Valves




Master Potable Water Plan

Potable Water System Service Area and Map

Figure 4 - Sheet 1

Potable Water System

Figure 4 - Sheet 2

Potable Water System

Appendix A

Water Service Application

Water Service Shut-Off Request

Waste Water Division

CAAG 208 Water Quality Master Plan Amendment

Wastewater Master Plan

Sewer Service Application

Sewer Service Shut-Off Request

Street Division

Survey Maps

Right of Way Permit Requirements

Right of Way Permit Application

Survey Coordinates

Typical Residential Entrance

Minor Arterial - 110' ROW

Major Arterial - 130' ROW

Local Street - 50' ROW

Collector - 70' ROW

Commercial Collector - 80' ROW

Widening for Right Turn Lanes

Sanitation Division

Roll Off Application

Garbage Service Application

Garbage Service Discontinue Request

Garbage Container Up/Down Size Request Form

Small Area Transportation Study

Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

On Call Consultants

FY 2012 / 2013

   Public Works Department
City of Eloy
Water Department of Eloy, AZ

Picture of Public Works employee'sMission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction through the design, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure in a reliable and cost effective manner. This department is in charge of Garbage / Trash Pickup, Park Maintenance, City Streets, Water Quality / Pressure, Sewer, Cemetery Maintenance, Facilities and Vehicle Maintenance.

The City of Eloy employees in the Water and Wastewater Divisions are Arizona Department of Environmental Quality certified operators. The City of Eloy is required by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to monitor and file monthly compliance sampling from 10 different locations in the City of Eloy for bacteria and other contaminants. Each year we are also required by the Environmental Protection Agency and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to file a Consumer Confidence Report to show our water systems is in compliance with Arizona and Federal laws.

Water Division

The mission is to provide safe quality water to the citizens of Eloy.
The Water System Master Study is complete. Operate and maintain all of Eloy's booster pumps, reservoirs, water lines and wells. Provide assistance with water conservation, water assurance, and consumer confidence report.

Water Emergency Info: During business hours please call 520-466-3082. After business hours call the Eloy Police Department at 520-466-7324, a utility operator will be contacted to take care of the emergency.

Who do I talk to if I have a question or problem?

The first person you will need to talk to is at 520-466-3082. Common questions are:

  • I have no water pressure.
  • There is a water leak at this address
  • I need to have my water turned on/off to do a repair.
  • I want to buy a piece of property, are there water lines and hook ups available?

The City of Eloy received their 100 year Water Assurance certificate from the Arizona Department of Water Resources in January 2006. With the certificate approximately 60,000 new homes can be built in the City of Eloy.  We are in the process of re-modifying our certificate so more homes can be built. 

Waste Water / Sewer Division

The mission of this department is to maintain and improve the sanitary sewer systems and water reclamation system of Eloy. 

Sewer Emergency Info: During business hours please call 520-466-3082. After business hours call the Eloy Police Department at 520-466-7324, a utility operator will be contacted to take care of the emergency.

The Sewer Master Study is complete. The City of Eloy is one of only two municipalities in the Pinal AMA that recharges all the effluent that enters our treatment plant.  What is recharge?  Imagine coffee in a coffee filter, effluent is placed in a special pond and it seeps into the ground, it percolates naturally into the aquifer. The natural make up of the soil filters the water, so very little or no water is wasted also after treatment, the water recharged will improve the ground water quality.

Who do I talk to if I have a question or problem?

The first person you will need to talk to is at 520-466-3082. Common questions are:

  • I'm backed up!
  • I want to buy a piece of property, are there sewer lines and hook ups available?

Street Maintenance

The mission of this division is to improve the image of the City of Eloy by paving, repairing, and improving the curb appeal.

Pinal County Road Closures
Click Here to view current road
conditions for Pinal County

Facility Maintenance

The mission of the Facility Maintenance division is the cleaning, repairing and quality control for the City of Eloy's buildings.

Vehicle Maintenance

The mission of the Vehicle Maintenance division is the servicing, repairing and quality control on all the City of Eloy's vehicles.

Uncontained Trash Pick Up

for Current Schedule 2014

WEEK 1 - Uncontained trash will be picked up on the East Side from Main St. to La Grande Vista and from Frontier St. to Battaglia Rd..

WEEK 2 - Uncontained trash will be picked up on the South Side from the railroad tracks to I-10 and from Sunshine Blvd. to Eleven Mile Corner Rd.

WEEK 3 - Uncontained trash will be picked up in Toltec from Frontier St. to Cornman, from Tumbleweed Rd. to Maricopa Rd., and from Frontier to I-10.

WEEK 4 - Uncontained trash will be picked up on the West Side from Main St. to Eleven Mile Corner Rd. and from Frontier St. to 14th St.

FREE DUMP DAYS- Dates are marked in red. The locations and times will be announced prior to the

Q & A regarding Uncontained Trash

Where should I place my trash?

Residences should place the trash in front of the residence between the property line and the curb. The trash should be neatly stacked away from any meters or fences. Trash that is placed on private property will not be picked up. It is ILLEGAL to dump trash on a vacant lot.

When shall I place my trash out for pick up?

All customers are entitled to one (1) uncontained trash pick up every three months (see schedule). All uncontained trash must be placed on the street adjacent to your property in front of your house no later then a week before the week it is scheduled to be picked up and not before.

What kinds of trash can I place for pick up?

Per Section 10-18 of the City Code, Class 2 and Class 3 trash will be removed by the City no less than once a month.

Class 2 Trash - Tree trimmings, chips, grass, lawn clippings, palm leaves, straw, weeds, shrubs, and tree limbs. Tree trimmings, palm leaves, and tree limbs are to be cut into 4 foot lengths and tied up in bundles. Grass, lawn clippings, straw, and weeds must be bagged.

Class 3 Trash - Domestic furniture and domestic appliances. Per City Ordinance, all refrigerants that remain in appliances must be removed by the owner or third party qualified to recover refrigerants from appliances. All doors must be removed from all appliances before being placed outside the residence.

Are there any kinds of trash the City will not pick up?

Per City Ordinance, Large tree trimmings, large branches, vehicle sections, building materials, paint, tires, and industrial waste will not be picked up by the city and must be disposed of by the owner or occupant of the property. Any items weighing over 80 pounds will not be picked up by the city.

What happens if I don't comply?

All residents must comply with these regulations. Failure to comply will result in the notification of the violation to the Code Enforcement Office and possible legal action.


If you have any questions or concerns call Code Complaince at (520) 466-3082.

Landfill Information

305 South Toltec Hwy
Eloy, AZ  85131
(520) 466-3366
Hours: Monday thru Friday- 7:00AM - 2:50PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Closed Sunday and Holidays

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